Hexa Core VS. Quad Core Gaming

Hexa Core VS. Quad Core Gaming: Choosing the Right Processor

In the world of gaming, performance is everything. Gamers know that every millisecond counts and the right hardware can make all the difference. 

When it comes to processors, the choice between gaming Hexa-core and quad-core can be a critical one. 

In this blog post, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make an informed decision. 

So, let’s dive into the world of Hexa Core vs. Quad Core gaming!

The Importance of Processors in Gaming

Before we delve into the specifics of hexa-core and quad-core processors, let’s highlight the significance of processors in gaming. Processors, also known as CPUs (Central Processing Units), are the brains of your gaming rig.

They handle the calculations, AI, physics simulations, and overall performance of your games. Choosing the right processor can significantly impact your gaming experience.

Brief Explanation of Introduction to Hexa-Core and Quad-Core Processors (Quad Core vs Hexa Core Gaming)

Hexa-core processors, as the name suggests, have six processing cores, while quad-core processors have four. These cores are responsible for executing instructions and processing data.

The number of cores directly influences a processor’s ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, which is crucial for gaming PCs.

The extra cores in the hexa-core provide more processing power, enabling it to handle complex tasks and run more applications at once.

Purpose of the Blog Post

The purpose of this blog post is to compare and contrast hexa-core and quad-core processors specifically for gaming purposes. We will examine their advantages, performance in different scenarios, cost-effectiveness, and future-proofing capabilities to help you make an informed choice.

Hexa Core Processors

Hexa Core Processors

Definition and Explanation of Hexa-Core Processors

Hexa-core processors feature six processing cores, which allows them to handle multiple tasks and threads concurrently. This increased core count often results in improved performance for various applications, including gaming.

Advantages of Hexa-Core Processors in Gaming

  1. Increased Multitasking Capabilities: Hexa-core processors excel at multitasking. They can handle background tasks, such as streaming or running voice chat applications while maintaining gaming performance.
  2. Enhanced Performance in Demanding Games: In CPU-intensive games or those optimized for multi-threading, Hexa-core processors can deliver higher frame rates and smoother gameplay.
  3. Better Future-Proofing: As game developers continue to optimize for multi-core CPUs, hexa-core processors are better equipped to handle upcoming game releases, providing a more future-proof gaming experience.

Quad Core Processors

Quad Core Processors

Definition and Explanation of Quad-Core Processors

Quad-core processors, on the other hand, contain four processing cores. While they have fewer cores compared to hexa-core CPUs, they can still offer respectable gaming performance.

Advantages of Quad-Core Processors in Gaming

-> Cost-Effectiveness: Quad-core processors are often more affordable than their Hexa-core counterparts, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious gamers.

-> Sufficient Performance for Most Games: Many popular games are optimized to run smoothly on quad-core processors. For the average gamer, quad-core CPUs can provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

-> Lower Power Consumption and Heat Generation: Quad-core processors tend to consume less power and generate less heat than Hexa-core processors. This can be beneficial for smaller form-factor PCs and laptops.

Comparison between Hexa Core and Quad Core Processors for Gaming

Performance Comparison in Various Gaming Scenarios

-> Single-Threaded vs. Multi-Threaded Games: In single-threaded games, where performance relies heavily on a single core’s speed, a high-quality quad-core processor can perform admirably. Hexa-core processors shine in multi-threaded games that can take advantage of additional cores.

-> Graphics-Intensive vs. CPU-Intensive Games: Graphics-intensive games rely more on the GPU than the CPU so a quad-core processor may suffice. CPU-intensive titles, like simulation games or strategy games, benefit from the extra cores offered by Hexa-core CPUs.

Price Comparison and Value for Money

Hexa-core processors are typically more expensive than quad-core processors. Gamers must consider their budget and whether the extra cores are necessary for their gaming needs.

Considerations for Future Game Releases and Technological Advancements

While quad-core processors can handle many current games, the gaming landscape is ever-evolving. If you plan to keep your gaming rig for several years, a hexa-core processor may provide a more future-proof solution.


Is hexa-core better than quad-core?

Hexa-core processors are typically better than quad-core processors when it comes to multitasking and handling more demanding tasks. 

Hexa-core CPUs have six processor cores, while quad-core CPUs have only four. 

This means that hexacore processors can handle a larger number of simultaneous tasks, making them ideal for video editing, 3D rendering, and running multiple applications at once. 

However, the actual performance difference also depends on other factors, such as clock speed, architecture, and individual workload.

Is hexa core better than octa-core?

Whether the hexa-core is better than the octa-core depends on the specific use case and the performance of the individual processors. Hexa-core processors have 6 cores, while octa-core processors have eight cores. 

Octa-core processors can handle more parallel tasks than hexa-core processors, which can be beneficial for highly threaded applications and multitasking. 

However, the performance also depends on factors like clock speed, architecture, and optimization for specific tasks.

What is higher than quad-core?

Processors with more cores than quad-core include hexa core (6 cores), octa core (8 cores), deca core (10 cores), Dodeca core (12 cores), and 11 higher core counts like 16, 24, or 32 cores in some high-end server processors. 

The choice of processor depends on your specific needs. More cores generally provide better multitasking and improved performance in multi-threaded applications.

What is Quad quad-core vs. dual hexa core?

“Quad quad-core” typically refers to a processor configuration with four quad-core processors totaling 16 cores. “Dual hexa core” refers to a configuration with two hexa core processors totaling 12 cores. 

In general, the quad-core configuration will have more cores and potentially better performance for highly parallel tasks. 

However, actual performance will depend on other factors, such as clock speeds, architecture, and how well the software is optimized for multi-core processors. 

It’s essential to consider your specific needs and workload when choosing between these configurations.

Which core is best for the laptop?

6 cores are more than capable of effortlessly handling the majority of today’s most popular games. 

In fact, for most games, upgrading to a processor with 8, 10, 12, or even more cores often won’t result in a noticeable increase in frame rates. 

Moreover, tasks related to productivity and work would also see significant improvements in speed and efficiency with a 6-core processor.

Does Apple use hexa-core?

As per reports, the upcoming iPhone marking its tenth anniversary will be driven by what Apple is marketing as the Apple A11 Fusion chip. 

This will be Apple’s inaugural chip featuring two high-performance cores and four additional energy-efficient cores. 

In essence, this represents the company’s debut in the realm of system-on-chip technology equipped with six cores.

Is 6 core enough for gaming?

Over the next four to five years, as the majority of PC gamers contemplate upgrading their processors, a modern 6-core processor is expected to maintain strong performance. 

Conversely, if you aim to maximize the longevity of your processor, opting for an 8-core chip is a prudent choice.

Which processor is best, octa-core or deca-core?

Therefore, when we describe a CPU as having a “single core,” it signifies that the processor chip contains just one core. A CPU featuring two cores is known as a dual-core processor, whereas a processor equipping 4 cores earns the title of a quad-core processor. 

Similarly, a processor boasting 6 cores is referred to as a Hexa-core processor, and the pattern continues. Presently, the most powerful option available in consumer PCs is an 18-core processor.

Is i7-8750H fast?

One of the most formidable processors currently accessible for laptops is the 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H. This processor is specifically designed for high-performance laptop computers, especially those tailored for gaming enthusiasts. 

The Core i7-8750H boasts 6 cores, each capable of handling two threads simultaneously, clock speeds reaching up to 4.1 GHz, and an impressive 9MB cache.


In summary, hexa-core processors offer superior multitasking capabilities, better performance in multi-threaded games, and improved future-proofing. On the other hand, quad-core processors are cost-effective, sufficient for most games, and consume less power.

The choice between hexa-core and quad-core processors ultimately depends on your gaming needs and budget. If you’re a budget-conscious gamer or primarily play older or less demanding titles, a quad-core processor might be the way to go.

However, if you want to tackle the latest and most demanding games with an eye toward future-proofing, a hexa-core processor is a worthy investment.

Selecting the right processor for gaming is crucial for an optimal gaming experience. Whether you opt for a hexa-core or quad-core processor, remember that a well-balanced gaming rig encompasses more than just the CPU.

Consider your GPU, RAM, and storage as part of the equation to ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable gaming experience.

Remember, the choice between hexa-core and quad-core gaming ultimately depends on your gaming preferences and budget. So, choose wisely and game on! Comment here.

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